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Thank you for your interest in working with us. Our goal is to help independent inventors and small business owners obtain patent protection for their innovations at an affordable price.

Now many patent agents and attorneys don't like working with micro and small-entities since they often have a lot of questions and haven't been through the process before. But that's not us. We look forward to discussing the patent process with innovative, yet perhaps inexperienced, inventors for two main reasons: 1) we want them to succeed in their business and give them the best advice we can on how to do that with their IP, and 2) successful small businesses become large businesses, and they refer their friends and family to the people who help them the most.
We're not greedy, as our prices affirm, so if you're used to billing 30 hours and five figures for a simple utility patent, we might not be a good fit for you. But if you're reasonably fast and can spend a minimal amount of time writing a solid patent application or responding to office actions, we want to talk to you.

Long term plans include having a large network of practitioners in our network that specialize in various fields. If we can demonstrate solid, quality work at reasonable prices, while providing helpful advice to our clients, then QuickPatents should be on its way to becoming the favorite firm nation-wide for micro and small entities.

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If accepted, we'll send you our full Independent Contractor Agreement, Fee Schedule, and NDA.
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