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"Your work is spectacular!"

Thank you for helping me and so many inventors. Your work is spectacular!

"I'm happy to recommend"

Kevin makes getting a patent pretty easy and affordable enough to where you might not get that patent otherwise. 

I've found him and his staff very professional and I'm happy to recommend.

"Great Value, Timeliness, and great Quality"

If I was asked to describe Kevin's services (through his firm Quick Patents, Inc.), I would emphasize Great Value, Timeliness, and great Quality. 

I highly recommend his services to anyone who has patent-filing needs. 

Thank you, Kevin!

"He knows what you're going through and he's been there."

Want to know why I hired him? Because he HAS patents. He's walked in the shoes of an innovator. He knows what you're going through and he's been there. First patent I had filed was through an ivory tower international law firm. That lawyer had never filed a patent for himself in his life and his engineer (added cost on every meeting and every email and every call!) didn't fully understand my concept. Pfooey. I spent a fortune and got boopkis. It wasn't entirely their fault - blame Alice. It still cost me a fortune and even without a death blow supreme court case, I probably still would not have ended up with an asset I could use.

So when I had another idea I felt needed to be made, I researched harder for help and found Kevin. I've never looked back. With the QuickPatents team's help - I have been granted dozens of patents around the world. Truly. 39 countries, multiple patents in each.

He and his team are amazing. As an engineer, Kevin has a precise way of describing the details of an innovation that lawyers just do not get (unless I suppose they are ALSO engineers!) With an engineer writing your claims they will be efficient and specific - that matters a LOT. Even my lawyers comment on how well the patents are written.

Kevin's team is filled with former examiners from the patent office. Do you know why that matters? Because these same guys for years said "no" to everyone else. They listened to the best attorney's in the world argue the case law for the counter side to get a "yes". So they've heard all the best legal arguments for "yes". Now, they put that knowledge to work for you. And they are good.

Kevin is efficient with his time and yours and his services are a fantastic value. He's accessible for questions by phone and responsive to email.

Kevin can't make an unmarketable idea turn into gold (no one can!) and he won't promise you success (he can't). But if you want a fair shot at protecting an innovation to get it to market, I can't think of a better place to get fantastic help at a fair price.

Quick Patents is as good as it gets. I've been working with them since 2018 and I can't say enough good things about them. Great work, great insights, great price. I've always been pleased with my choice.

"Answered all my questions while never pressuring me"

I first went to a local attorney to pursue my patent idea, although he was helpful I quickly was discouraged when we discussed the fees. The fees were exorbitant. I shelved my idea after the meeting but knew I had a idea that had design merit.

Months went by and I discussed my experience with a professional neighbor. He encourage me to do it myself on line with those that make it simple and fast.

Quick Patents and Kevin was the answer. I scheduled a 30 minute consultation with Kevin and he answered all my questions while never pressuring me to push any buttons. I felt comfortable with Quick Patents and Kevin gave me plenty of additional advice and encouraged me to seek some of the suggestions he made.

I pulled the 'trigger' and the rest as they say 'was history' I am now patent pending and can pursue a DREAM. I don't know what the future holds for me and my family but I'm pleased to have met and made contact with Kevin Prince/Quick Patents.

"A quality product is more important than making a profit"

I have worked with Kevin and his team on a couple of different projects. They take the time to actually speak to you about your project so that they can fully understand what you are trying to achieve. If something is not feasible, Kevin will tell you the truth (even it means that he will not have a project with you). Kevin believes that giving the customer a quality product is more important than making a profit.

The insight that I have gained from Kevin and QuickPatents has been immeasurable. They know how to navigate the complex PTO system in order to get your ideas protected in a timely manner. I would highly recommend Kevin and QuickPatents to any individual product developer before bringing your idea to market.

"Highly detailed drawings that perfectly represented our invention"

Kevin is an amazing patent agent who took the ball and ran with it.

My wife and I submitted an idea to quick patents that Kevin constructed into a magnificent patent application with highly detailed drawings that perfectly represented our invention.

He is highly responsive to every inquiry we had. I honestly did not think our chances for being granted a patent were favorable but Kevin thought there was a high probability we would be successful. We were!

I am so pleased with my experience working with Kevin and Quickpatents and highly recommend this company.

"Highly recommend again and again!"

Kevin is awesome! 

Third time I have used him since 2012. 

Design patents in the past and this is our first Utility Patent, which was a home run! 

His efforts are top shelf and his style is common sense without any legal delays or hiccups. 

Highly recommend again and again! Cheers -

"Always answered any questions I had ... in a language I could understand"

If your like me, you often wonder just how true testimonies are, are they real? Well, I'm a real person with are real story. This is the very first time ever inventing and moving forward with the idea. After much research, I came across Mr. Kevin Prince at Quick Patents. He and his team got right to work.

They proved beyond a shadow of a doubt to be very professional and knowledgeable. Mr. Prince always answered any questions I had and, he did it in a very short period of time in a language I could understand.

When it came time to review an approve the drawing, I was blown away at the level of great detail in them. My invention is for gold prospecting. The prototype I sent pictures of, had some pebbles lodged in the device. His team even drew them in in great detail, exactly the same shape and position they were in. There is no other than Quick Patents that I would turn to or recommend. Their pricing is unbeatable. Mr. Prince protects your invention at every level he possibly can.

I am very pleased.
Thank You Mr. Prince! I'll be back!!

"Always delivers as promised, speaks to me in simple terms I can grasp"

I have been using Quick Patents for about 7 years, filed many patents with them and have enthusiastically recommended Quick Patents to many friends as well as close family. If someone were giving patent services away for free down the street I would still pay to have Quick Patents handle my patent needs. As a small business owner, manufacturer and inventor on any given day I joke to my staff that "today I have 57 pressing problems" and in those 7 years, my patent processing is never once been any of those "57 problems".

Kevin and his staff are good people who have my strongest possible recommendation. He always delivers as promised, speaks to me in simple terms I can grasp about often complicated issues and has repeatedly treated me like valued family. Zero doubt by me you will be treated as well by Quick Patents.

"I immediately trusted his guidance"

We have worked with Kevin and Quick Patents to file our U.S., European, and Japanese patents after a failed attempt to file ourselves. 

I was a bit dubious finding someone online, but Kevin is the very definition of professional. I spoke with him at length about his expertise and questions I had and it became immediately clear that he knows what he's doing. 

I immediately trusted his guidance. His work is fast, complete and accurate. We were patent pending in no time. I would resoundingly recommend him to anyone who doesn't either want to deal with or have the financial resources to file with a big patent firm.

"You've found the right guy to go forward with your dreams."

I was introduced to Quick Patents through a mutual inventor. I was getting quotes for a ridicules amount of money and I knew there had to be a more reasonable solution. 

Quick Patents was less then half of my original quote and Kevin Price was a pleasure to work with. 

I now have 4 fully issued patents for different products and I highly recommend this company for any and all of your patent needs. 

You've found the right guy to go forward with your dreams. Now I just have to sell my idea to the right person (Knowing I am fully protected!!!)

"I will contact Kevin for all my inventions."

Kevin has assisted me in obtaining a patent for one of my prior inventions. 

I found him to be experienced in his work as well as knowledgeable in discussing the type of patent I needed to kick start my invention to began moving forward. 

Kevin is also reliable when I have questions and will guide me through the process making it easy to understand. 

Whenever I need the assistance of a patent agent I will contact Kevin for all my inventions.

Thank you for all you do!

"One of the best in the business"

I would consider Quick Patents and Kevin Prince one of the best in the business. 

He was able to take all of the guess work out of locking down our patent and was also an integral part in helping with the trademark for our products. 

The knowledge he had and the personable touch to hand hold us through the process put us at ease which allowed us to work on the other aspects of building our company.

"Exceptional ability to focus on the task at hand"

Kevin has an exceptional ability to focus on the task at hand and has been instrumental in helping me sort thru details of my inventions and mechanical developments. 

As President of the Inventors Forum he has displayed a very high sense of objectivity and organization.

"An extremely versatile and savvy business person"

Kevin is an extremely sharp and agile professional. 

I've worked with him on and off after this in several different jobs and capacities and he has proven to be an extremely versatile and savvy business person. 

It would a great pleasure to work with him again.

"Completing projects on time and on budget"

Kevin is a creative, detail-oriented and results-driven leader. 

His strong people skills and focus on completing projects on time and on budget enable him to succeed at any projects he undertakes.

"When I lost hope, you never did."

I'm at a loss of words... THANK YOU!!!!!

You took a small company underdog with an idea and fought for a patent nobody believed was possible. I lost count of how many rejections you battled or how many times we had to split the patent to please the Examiner.

You took this patent personally and weaponized your responses from a diversified team of highly qualified former examiners.

When I lost hope, you never did.

You don't over promise; you do not under deliver. Your expertise to navigate the process was the key to the win.

Quickpatents is proof positive that nobody is too small or insignificant to apply for patent protection for a product or idea.

"Kevin has proven over the many years I've worked with him that he is trustworthy without question."

Kevin Prince has written several patent applications for me and three of them have successfully issued (utility patents). I invent electronic tools for the automotive industry. What I like best about Kevin is his ability to understand what my devices are doing and write them up accordingly. The skill to do this is the MOST important aspect of writing a good application.
Kevin is a patent agent and not a patent attorney. I have worked with two different patent attorneys over the years and I have found Kevin and his team to be much quicker at understanding what I am doing and transforming that into a solid patent application and prosecuting that into an issued patent - hands down.

Oh, not to mention he has very, very reasonable prices and gets the work done quickly. While being able to skillfully write a patent application is critical for success, honesty and integrity are always at the very top of the my list. Kevin has proven over the many years I've worked with him that he is trustworthy without question.

As long as I have ideas worth patenting, Kevin Prince and his team at Quick Patents will write them for me. Absolutely no question.

"I'm really blown away by the value QuickPatents provides"

Kevin Prince has been absolutely fantastic to work with on the patent. The way the claims portion was written conveyed a very deep understanding of the technology being patented.

QuickPatents did a great job at converting my diagrams and drawings into patent figures. 

Throughout the process the communication was stellar, and Kevin frequently replied almost instantly to help me navigate the process. 

The quality of the patent paperwork that was produced is very high, and describes the device quite accurately and in an effective, understandable manner. 

I'm really blown away by the value QuickPatents provides, and will be a repeat customer in the very near future and beyond. Thank you!

"Drawings and descriptions are exactingly impressive as functionally grounded"

Originally searching for DC patent lawyer on the Googler, I came across Kevin Prince' Dirt Cheap Patents in the early 2000s. 

His company's best price(s) and his professionalism sold me from the start. 

Working with Kevin on three different inventions during the last fifteen plus years I have been continually impressed despite the 2,500 mi distance between our offices. 

His professionalism continues to this day to be unmatched by his seasoned patent attorney competition. Not only does he deliver personally and on time, his drawings and descriptions are exactingly impressive as functionally grounded from his DC Patent Office examiner work history/ experience. 

I highly recommend Kevin Prince' Quick Patents to any inventor seeking a patent in any technical discipline, at any level.

"Very sincere, easy to talk to and explained the process very well"

QuickPatents did a fantastic job with quick filing and ease of use. 

Kevin was very sincere, easy to talk to and explained the process very well. 

Also, the patent drawings looked great. 

Will definitely keep using QuickPatents for my future inventions.

"Do yourself a favor and look no further. You have found the right guy!"

Definitely 5 stars all the way. 

Consider yourself lucky to have found Kevin and his services. 

He is extremely knowledgeable of patent law. In my opinion just as knowledgeable as a patent attorney. 

And, as advertised he can turn around a patent extremely fast!. 

His quality of work is some of the best I've experienced. 

Do yourself a favor and look no further. You have found the right guy!

"The absolute best solution to patent your idea or product"

Kevin Prince and his company QuickPatents provide the absolute best solution to patent your idea or product. 

What makes Kevin so exceptional is his broad base of knowledge and the fact that you can really trust him to give the best advice and to keep your ideas private. 

Thank you Kevin for the great company you have created and the fast, efficient services you provide!

"I would highly recommend QuickPatents to anyone in need of patent"

I would highly recommend QuickPatents to anyone in need of patent work. Especially for new applicants that are just getting started. 

Kevin is very easy to talk with and he will take his time to explain everything to make your new adventure comfortable. 

Also Quick patents rates are very resonable especially for what you get.

"I have nothing but love for you guys."

I invented MyPals pet ribbon, it was a very easy process while talking to Kevin he made everything a breeze for me and he was nice. 

Once I got my patent I soon got my product in local pet stores but this would not be possible if it wasn't for Quick Patents whom I will continue to go to for patents. 

I have nothing but love for you guys.

"Professional services are extraordinary at down to earth price"

Mr. Kevin Prince's professional services are extraordinary at down to earth price. 

I have successfully got a couple Patents done through him. 

Inventors or any body seeking to get a Patent must not miss Kevin's services.

"Just received my second patent! "

Just received my second patent! 

Maybe I got lucky but first application was accepted. 

Mechanical drawings Kevin provided.

"Kevin is , no doubt, the best all around patent agent"

As a business man , inventor and engineer, I have been doing business with a number of patent agents both in Canada , USA and abroad. 

Kevin is , no doubt, the best all around patent agent .

He cares for inventors and it shows. He is practical, well organize, keeps his word, gives good and honest advice and makes our priorities his own. 

Who works on a birthday week end to file a patent application just because you asked him to ? No wonder he filed so many patent applications , right ?

"A class act, you processed my patent application in record time"

Kevin, you are a class act, you processed my patent application in record time. 

My latch was registered as Patent Pending within 10 days, the service you provide is invaluable, in just 2 short days your staff produced the special drawings needed to get us thru the process, being able to add "Patent pending" to my product added legitimacy which in turn increased sales, Gross sales have doubled every year, 3 years running, your staff notified me when it was time to complete the Patent process, again the service was impeccable, 

I can't thank you enough!

"What a thoroughly amazing job Quick Patents did with my patent search"

What a thoroughly amazing job Quick Patents did with my patent search and subsequent design patent application. 

I have owned several businesses in Atlanta since 1993, and have had dealings with hundreds of others, but have never experienced such comprehensive,expeditious and fairly priced work in all of that time.

"Remarkably quick in his turn-around times"

We've used Kevin on several patent projects and each time he has been well below the cost of other patent practitioners, as well as remarkably quick in his turn-around times. 

The patent applications have been thorough, too. 

Our company is going to keep using his services.

"Very grateful to have found your services in time"

I am extremely happy with the application/drawings and very grateful to have found your services in time!

"Your work is substantially better than the person I was using previously!"

I am very impressed with the work that you have done so far. 

Your work is substantially better than the person I was using previously!

"We sold over 2,000,000 and it's still selling."

Kevin, I want to tell my inventor friends here in Sequim, Wash. and anywhere I meet other inventors about the services you have... I talk to people almost daily about inventions, and that I know an expert patent agent that is so thorough in his searches and his expert ability to bring ideas to completion with a good strong patent at a very reasonable fee.

Kevin helped me get several patents, the first one of which was The Shiwala car washing mop. We sold over 2,000,000 and it's still selling. 

Thank you, Kevin!

"You guys are awesome"

You guys are awesome. 

Just to let you know, the last guy charged me $87.50 for the phone call when I told him I'm not doing a utility patent with him! The phone call was 2 minutes.

"Had I known a patent search was going to be this easy, I would certainly have done it the same day"

I just recently used Kevin to research a potential product I thought up. 

After much procrastinating on my behalf, he easily explained (in person) what his company would do to help me get to the next step. 

Follow up with his website, made the process almost too easy. Had I known a patent search was going to be this easy, I would certainly have done it the same day I thought up my idea. 

Kevin quickly came back with all the necessary information to help make my decision on what direction I would take next... 

Kevin, Again, thank you for your help in simplifying the process and taking out the myth 'the other guys' have done so well in complicating and justifying such exorbitant prices.

"Going through the patent process with Kevin was exceptional."

Going through the patent process with Kevin was exceptional. He took time to explain each step and guide us at a very reasonable price. I would happily recommend him.

"I Highly Recommend"

Great service based on knowledge and experience. They answered all my questions in a timely and efficient way. I highly recommend him!

"Your attention and guidance are absolutely amazing"

I am really happy that we finish this phase and filed the application! 

You helped me to fulfill my long-time dream and I deeply appreciate that! 

Your attention and guidance are absolutely amazing, thanks a lot!

"It was a great pleasure working with Kevin and quick patents."

It was a great pleasure working with Kevin and quick patents. 

There professionalism, knowledge, pricing and processing the paper work in a timely manner was a great experience.

Thank you Kevin.

"We were very pleased with Kevin's help and follow through."

We were very pleased with Kevin's help and follow through. Very professional and I highly recommend QUICK PATENTS.

"It's always a pleasure working with Kevin and the team"

It's always a pleasure working with Kevin and the team at Quick Patents who we entrust in filing all of our patents. 

The way they walk you through the process and take the time to address all your needs is what sold us on their services. 

Super professional, proficient and most of all "QUICK" ;-)

"Very personable and make you feel like family"

I loved my experience with Kevin at QuickPatents. He is very personable and make you feel like family. 

In my opinion he is very knowledgeable in all aspects of intellectual property. Also his work is fast and professional. 

You can't go wrong with QuickPatents.

Thanks Kevin, you're a real PRO!

Like many inventors, the journey from napkin to a physical product can be a difficult one. It's hard to picture the future when you don't know how to get there. 

Quick Patents is the light the helps you see it through. Thanks to Quick Patent's wonderful team and the incredible leadership from Kevin Prince, I'm now more than confident that my hard work is in good hands. 

Kevin is extremely knowledgeable and he genuinely loves his field. Some call him a savant, other call him a genius but I consider him a humble thought leader. 

I highly recommend folk's to take advantage of this company's services. My experience has been informative and I walked out with an even understanding of my own product that I lacked before. 

Thanks Kevin, you're a real PRO!

"My experience has been flawless"

I have gone through the patent process before and going through Kevin and the Quick patent team has been quick and effective. My experience has been flawless and in no time I am patent pending.They do quality work these guys really know what they are doing

"Highly recommended."

I would not have done it without your help. Highly recommended.

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