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Steve Chayer

Seatac, WA

Client Testimonial

I loved my experience with Kevin at QuickPatents. He is very personable and make you feel like family. In my opinion he is very knowledgeable in all aspects of intellectual property. Also his work is fast and professional. You can't go wrong with QuickPatents.


Atlanta, GA

Client Testimonial

Kevin Prince has been absolutely fantastic to work with on the patent. The way the claims portion was written conveyed a very deep understanding of the technology being patented. QuickPatents did a great job at converting my diagrams and drawings into patent figures. Throughout the process the communication was stellar, and Kevin frequently replied almost instantly to help me navigate the process. The quality of the patent paperwork that was produced is very high, and describes the device quite accurately and in an effective, understandable manner. I'm really blown away by the value QuickPatents provides, and will be a repeat customer in the very near future and beyond. Thank you!

Yuri Brigance

Kirkland, WA

Client Testimonial

Originally searching for DC patent lawyer on the Googler, I came across Kevin Prince' Dirt Cheap Patents in the early 2000s. His company's best price(s) and his professionalism sold me from the start. Working with Kevin on three different inventions during the last fifteen plus years I have been continually impressed despite the 2,500 mi distance between our offices. His professionalism continues to this day to be unmatched by his seasoned patent attorney competition. Not only does he deliver personally and on time, his drawings and descriptions are exactingly impressive as functionally grounded from his DC Patent Office examiner work history/ experience. I highly recommend Kevin Prince' Quick Patents to any inventor seeking a patent in any technical discipline, at any level.

Simpkins Esq

Washington, DC

Client Testimonial

Definitely 5 stars all the way. Consider yourself lucky to have found Kevin and his services. He is extremely knowledgeable of patent law. In my opinion just as knowledgeable as a patent attorney. And, as advertised he can turn around a patent extremely fast!. His quality of work is some of the best I've experienced. Do yourself a favor and look no further. You have found the right guy!

Chris C

Washington, DC

Client Testimonial

Kevin Prince and his company QuickPatents provide the absolute best solution to patent your idea or product. What makes Kevin so exceptional is his broad base of knowledge and the fact that you can really trust him to give the best advice and to keep your ideas private. Thank you Kevin for the great company you have created and the fast, efficient services you provide!

Bob Rudy

Mission Viejo, CA

Client Testimonial

I would highly recommend quick patents to anyone in need of patent work. Especially for new applicants that are just getting started. Kevin is very easy to talk with and he will take his time to explain everything to make your new adventure comfortable. Also Quick patents rates are very resonable especially for what you get.

Robert F. Mason

Santa Ana, CA

Client Testimonial

I invented MyPals pet ribbon, it was a very easy process while talking to Kevin he made everything a breeze for me and he was nice. Once I got my patent I soon got my product in local pet stores but this would not be possible if it wasn't for Quick Patents whom I will continue to go to for patents. I have nothing but love for you guys.

Mr. Yancey

Capitol Heights, MD

Client Testimonial

Mr. Kevin Prince's professional services are extraordinary at down to earth price. I have successfully got a couple Patents done through him. Inventors or any body seeking to get a Patent must not miss Kevin's services.

Shaam P.

Princeton, NJ

Client Testimonial

Just received my second patent! Maybe I got lucky but first application was accepted. Mechanical drawings Kevin provided.

Lee D.

Woodinville, WA

Client Testimonial

Kevin, you are a class act, you processed my patent application in record time. My latch was registered as Patent Pending within 10 days, the service you provide is invaluable, in just 2 short days your staff produced the special drawings needed to get us thru the process, being able to add "Patent pending" to my product added legitimacy which in turn increased sales, Gross sales have doubled every year, 3 years running, your staff notified me when it was time to complete the Patent process, again the service was impeccable, I can't thank you enough!

John D. Weltsch C.EO.,

Client Testimonial

What a thoroughly amazing job Quick Patents did with my patent search and subsequent design patent application. I have owned several businesses in Atlanta since 1993, and have had dealings with hundreds of others, but have never experienced such comprehensive,expeditious and fairly priced work in all of that time.



Client Testimonial

We've used Kevin on several patent projects and each time he has been well below the cost of other patent practitioners, as well as remarkably quick in his turn-around times. The patent applications have been thorough, too. Our company is going to keep using his services.

Paul B.

Ontario, CA

Client Testimonial

I am extremely happy with the application/drawings and very grateful to have found your services in time!

Julie S.

Inventor - Danville, CA

Client Testimonial

I am very impressed with the work that you have done so far. Your work is substantially better than the person I was using previously!

Marcia D.

Patent Attorney - California

Client Testimonial

Kevin, I want to tell my inventor friends here in Sequim, Wash. and anywhere I meet other inventors about the services you have... I talk to people almost daily about inventions, and that I know an expert patent agent that is so thorough in his searches and his expert ability to bring ideas to completion with a good strong patent at a very reasonable fee. Kevin helped me get several patents, the first one of which was The Shiwala car washing mop. We sold over 2,000,000 and it's still selling. Thank you, Kevin!

Ron Gray

Sequim, WA - Shawala Mop Company

Client Testimonial

You guys are awesome. Just to let you know, the last guy charged me $87.50 for the phone call when I told him I'm not doing a utility patent with him! The phone call was 2 minutes.

Dave G.

Oxford, CT

Client Testimonial

I just recently used Kevin to research a potential product I thought up. After much procrastinating on my behalf, he easily explained (in person) what his company would do to help me get to the next step. Follow up with his website, made the process almost to easy. Had I known a patent search was going to be this easy, I would certainly have done it the same day I thought up my idea. Kevin quickly came back with all the necessary information to help make my decision on what direction I would take next... Kevin, Again, thank you for your help in simplifying the process and taking out the myth 'the other guys' have done so well in complicating and justifying such exorbitant prices.

Ryo M.

Temecula, CA