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Patent Application Review Service

$375 Flat Fee

(Does not include PTO Filing Fees)

Professional Review by QuickPatents

QuickPatents Patent Pending

Let QuickPatents conduct a professional review of your self-written patent application. One of our Registered Patent Practitioners will review your application and provide feedback as to any deficiencies or issues found:

Just A Sample Of The Issues QuckPatents Can Help Alleviate:

  • Antecedent basis problems
  • Enablement issues
  • Discrepancies between drawings and specification
  • Thoroughness
  • Standard spelling
  • Standard grammatical reviews
QuickPatents Patent Pending

Note:  This review by QuickPatents does not create an attorney/client relationship, but is rather our review of your work for which you take full responsibility. We can make suggestions to you based on our professional experience, but if you’re writing and filing your own application and drawings, you take full responsibility for the content thereof. Further, our review does not include an opinion of patentability unless it is ordered with a patentability search.

We also offer extensive full-service professionally drafted filings for Design, Provisional and Utility Patents, if you need more support!

It is important to file your patent application(s) sooner rather than later as the United States is now on a first-inventor-to-file system. So our general advice is to go ahead and file your own provisional utility application as soon as possible, but don't rely on it. Show the end result to your patent professional who can then evaluate if it is adequate for what a provisional patent application is supposed to do, and then suggest next steps if there is some deficiency.

We also do not recommend filing your own design patent unless your design patent drawings are professionally created and reviewed by a former design patent examiner (see "Pre-file Review of Drawings and Spec" service at our sister organization, Design Patent Rescue).

Also, we do not recommend that you file your own non-provisional utility patent application since writing claims can be difficult for the novice, and the scope of your protection with such a patent depends on how well the claims are written. Naturally, if you need someone to file your patent application for you, we will be happy to assist.

Items Needed From You


Provisional Utility Patent

  • PPA specification (and claims if any)-- prepare this yourself and make sure it's in PDF format and that "fonts are embedded." Make sure the Abstract has no more than 150 words.
  • PPA drawings -- prepare this yourself and make sure any fonts used are "embedded." Make sure the number of drawings in the drawing file match the number of drawings listed in the specification (under the Descriptions of the Drawings heading).

Design Patent Application:

  • Items needed in this case are the same as the Provisional Utility Patent Application above.


Processing Fee To QuickPatents

We offer this fast PPA Review Service for a flat fee of $375


QuickPatents Application Review Request Form

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* This form also gives you the option to add our fast electronic filing service to ensure your application is professionally filed with everything required by the PTO.


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