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Kevin Prince Registered Patent Agent
Kevin Prince
Registered Patent Practitioner
President of QuickPatents
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You've followed all the previous steps:  You've performed a do-it-yourself patent search and didn't find any work that relates to your invention.  You've performed a do-it-yourself market search and didn't find any products that might pre-empt your potential patent.  You've learned not to get ripped off by someone that wants to use your enthusiasm for their own profit. 

Now it's time to use my services! Let me do a more thorough patent search for you to see if there are any patents out there that would preclude you from getting your own patent.

Many people will tell you that you should have a non-disclosure agreement from anyone you work with. That's true, and I'm happy to sign one for you, either using your non-disclosure form or mine. However, remember that I'm sworn to secrecy by the US Patent and Trademark Office, as a condition of my becoming a Patent Agent. Therefore, with a Patent Agent or a Patent Attorney such an agreement is somewhat redundant. Nevertheless, I'm happy to comply if you'd like. Please request a Non-Disclosure Agreement here.

After you're comfortable divulging your invention to me in confidence, the next step is a patent search.

After that, it depends on the results of the search. I'm happy to share with you my opinion of where you stand once we've conducted a patent search for you.

I look forward to being of service!

Kevin Prince
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