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Patent Drawings

As Low As $100 Per Sheet

About Patent Drawings

Our draftsmen are experienced with creating patent drawings, for both utility and design patents. Our drafters are professional illustrators who know the Guide for Preparation of Patent Drawings and have done, typically, hundreds of drawings.

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What's Included?

All Patent Drawings By QuickPatents Include

As many views as will fit on a sheet within the prescribed margins
Conformation to the US PTO's Guide for Preparation of Patent Drawings
(Download the USPTO Guide for Preparation of Patent Drawings)
Archival for future tweaks (if necessary)
Delivery with one week!

As Low As $100 Per Sheet

Utility Patent Drawings are $100/sheet.  Design Patent Drawings are $125/sheet.
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Our Patent Drawings...
1. Include as many views as will fit on a sheet within the prescribed margins
2. Conform to the US PTO's Guide for Preparation of Patent Drawings
3. Are archived for future tweaks, if necessary
4. Are delivered within a week

Note: Design Patents revolve around the very detailed, complex drawings that are required. As such, these drawing sheets are typically billed at $125 per sheet as opposed to $100. We need very detailed sketches or photos of a prototype, from all angles (front, back, left side, right side, top, bottom, and one perspective view--see design patent example for all of the views that are required). We can't do the patent drawings without these views, so these photos or sketches, or an actual product sample, are required before we can begin work.

All patent drawings are done in Illustrator format and delivered to you via .pdf files, suitable for printing on a laser printer for submission to the PTO. We will also send hard copies to you at your request.

If you have digital photos, please print these out and label them as appropriate with numerical call-outs, figure numbers, etc. before sending them to us. We allow two revision cycles per sheet. That is to say, once we complete the first drafts, we send them to you for your approval. You will typically have modifications that need to be made, additional call-outs, etc. As long as the changes are minor (ie., not adding new figures or making what started out as a perspective view into an exploded view, for example), we will make the changes free of charge and send you a 2nd draft. Again, if you have any additional modifications that need to be made, as long as they are minor, we'll make those changes free of charge. The third draft is considered a final draft. Additional revision cycles will be billed at our hourly rate.

To get started, complete the online order form. Or you may fax or mail this hard-copy order form with sketches, payment, and any other necessary information.

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QuickPatents has filed over 2,400 patents on behalf of our clients!  Click the button below to see many samples of the work we have done for our clients.  At the bottom of that page, this astounding number is easily confirmed by subsequent links to be taken to a third party patent search website which includes the search for "QuickPatents"; so all the documents will be patents that QuickPatents has filed on behalf of our customers.
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* Design Patent Application fee is for patents filed in the United States and does not include government filing fees.
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